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Cyprus Home Prices

Posted by Develoco Group on 17 ژانویه 2022

In 2022, Cyprus house prices within Nicosia and Kyrenia (Girne) varied based on rental and sales properties, location, and whether they were new or second-hand. Apartments for sale, villas for sale, and detached houses were among the options available. Rental prices ranged from 5,000 TL to 25,000 TL, depending on factors like luxury features and location.

Old housing options tended to offer the most affordable rental rates. Key considerations for renting included the number of rooms, square meters, and transportation accessibility. Landlords often required 12 months of advance rent.

For sales, second-hand homes in Nicosia and Kyrenia were more affordable. Buyers could expect prices between 2.500.000,000 TL and 5,000,000 TL for apartments for sale. When researching, factors such as transportation and location were crucial.

Detailed information on properties, including furnished or unfurnished status and amenities like pools, was available through advertisements. Overall, potential buyers and renters could conduct remote research to find suitable properties based on their preferences and budgets.

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