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Paradise Island with its dazzling beauty

Discover the potential that will change your life with its perfect natural beauties and investment opportunities.

Natural beauties

A dazzling island country with its clear sea, golden beaches, lush green mountains and uncountable natural beauties.

Security & Tranquility

Northern Cyprus, which is among the safest countries in the world, dazzles with its peaceful life as well as its unique culture.

Investment Options

As a country that has every option needed in terms of investment opportunities, northern cyprus is a leading option for investors.

What You Need to Know About Cyprus

All the information you will need, whether for investment opportunities or for adding Cyprus to your life, is here.

Reasons to Visit North Cyprus

North Cyprus has a rich and very interesting history. There are many historical and interesting places to visit.

Reasons To Buy Property In North Cyprus

North Cyprus is the new Mediterranean property hotspot! With buyers from the UK, East and West Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East

Cyprus Climate

North Cyprus offers on average 340 days of sun per year and the warmest winter temperatures.

Rising Investment

North Cyprus property prices are rising by up to 10-15%p.a. in key investment zones. In other areas, prices have been extremely stable.

Perfect Nature

As a country that fascinates people with all its natural beauties, Cyprus welcomes all its guests.

Peaceful Life

Peace, which is one of the most important foundations of living today, is a part of ordinary life for the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus in the Articles

Enjoy Exploring Northern Cyprus with the compilation articles where you can find all the information you need.

Northern Cyprus is known as the third largest island in the Mediterranean and the fifth safest country in the world. The north of the island is in the shape of a guitar. Cyprus attracts many tourists from different places to this country. It attracts a large number of tourists from European countries, England, Turkey and Iran every year.

Cyprus, an island in the eastern Mediterranean, is the third largest island after Sicily and Sardinia. Occupied Neighboring Cyprus was divided into two separate states in 1960, and since 1974 the northern part of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


The culture of the people of Cyprus is a rich and diverse culture that has greatly influenced Turkey as well as the countries around the Mediterranean. Cyprus was a British colony from 1878 to 1960 and its inhabitants are fluent in English. Has preserved itself in the country The spoken language of the Turkish Cypriots is Istanbul Turkish but it is pronounced with a special accent. The culture of the people is such that they celebrate most of the religious celebrations.

Nicosia: Northern Nicosia is the capital and largest city of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This city is the main center of business in the country.

Kyrenia: Known as the Port of Kyrenia, built by the Venetians in 1489

Famagusta: The city of Famagusta or Mağusa is located in the northeast of Cyprus. It has beautiful beaches, historic churches and the University of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Morpho: Morpho is a gateway to Sabzevar in the Northern Cyprus region surrounded by citrus trees home to historic churches

Lefke: Lefke is a combination of coastline and vast green mountains with citrus orchards. Left, once a thriving mining town with mountains rich in copper and gold
The quay is a small town similar to the Cypriot villages, a gateway to the Carpathian Peninsula with beautiful beaches and good traditional restaurants.

Trikomo/ İskele: Trikomo is the name of a region in the northeast of Northern Cyprus, which was separated from Magosa in 1998. The center of this region is Trikomo, which is called İskele in Turkish. The pier is one of the most important cities in Northern Cyprus. Long Beach is one of the best beaches on the island. The presence of these companies has led to the construction of various companies with excellent amenities such as 5-star hotels, so the influx of tourists to this area has increased in recent years. Many investors believe that this area will become a tourist hub in the coming years. Cyprus will be replaced by Kyrenia. Paz is also located in the pier area. The town of Karpaz is famous for its Cypriot donkeys and turtles, as well as the Golden Beach. This city is also one of the destinations of foreign tourists, so that most tourists spend a day of their stay in Northern Cyprus in this city.


The climate of Northern Cyprus is very attractive for tourists because it has a temperate Mediterranean climate that can be a good place for tourists to spend their holidays in all seasons. In summer, the weather is hot and dry and sometimes with relative humidity. Mid-May to mid-October lasts approximately from late May to late October. Also, winters in northern Cyprus are mild and sometimes rainy. The winter climate in Cyprus rarely reaches zero degrees and lasts from December to February The summer and winter seasons are separated by the short seasons of autumn and spring. The average number of sunny days on this beautiful island is 330 days a year.

The literacy rate in Cyprus is so high that 99% of the population is at least a university graduate. In addition, due to the multinationality in the country, English is known and used by everyone as etin. Due to the multinationality in the country, almost every business has foreign language (Persian, Russian, etc.) personnel.

Life in Cyprus is not complete without trying some of its traditional cuisine. In Cyprus you will find all kinds of local food as well as international cuisine. It can be found above. Among the traditional Cypriot dishes, we can mention Halumi Adana Kebab, Tavuk, Shish Eskandar Kebab, etc. Most of the dishes of Northern Cyprus are a combination of Turkish and Greek dishes, which are very close to our Iranian temperament. They like it

Social and civil law in Northern Cyprus is derived from the United Kingdom. All people living in the country have equal social rights. All public and private administrations in the country believe that there should never be any Humanity is lost

Usually, due to the small population and the existence of large cities, buses are used for transportation. Students are transferred from the city to the university for free, and vice versa. Taxis work in private and can also be rented. Explore cars or motorcycles easily and in a short time. Many companies offer car rental services according to the budget and customer requests. It should be mentioned that all cars have insurance policies. Cycling is one of the tourist attractions. Cyprus is home to a variety of cycling and hiking trails that connect different beaches.

If you are planning a Mediterranean holiday, the beaches of Northern Cyprus are a great option for fun and even for the rest of your life. Those looking for a relaxation can enjoy the beautiful scenery and spa. It is interesting and magical. The clear and blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, the bright sun and the beautiful beaches are very suitable for having a pleasant time. It attracts many tourists every year.

Cyprus is made up of two parts. Northern Cyprus, which is a Turkish part, and Southern Cyprus, which is a Greek part. Nicosia is the capital of the country. We have been to Northern Cyprus. On the other hand, Southern Cyprus is part of the European Union, and obtaining a visa is more difficult and life in it is more expensive, which is why people choose Northern Cyprus to live in.

  • No need for a visa for Iranians
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Buy Cheap Property In Northern Cyprus
  • A growing and thriving construction trend
  • Possibility to rent a property
  • Obtaining easy accommodation
  • Increase the value of capital
  • Possibility to pay the price of the property in installments
  • Northern Cyprus’s economy is not dependent on European countries
  • Work migration
  • Investment migration
  • Educational immigration

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The Develoco Estate team delivered on that expectation and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market to buy a home
Susan Barkley, happy seller

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