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Develoco Real Estate Ltd.

İsmet İnönü Boulevard, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

                                          Northern Cyprus




Iskele Long Beach Front of Grand Sapphire Hotel. (central office) 


                                      Head Manager
                                      Nima Mousavi     

                                        German Office

           Ravensberger St, 23a, 49377 Vechta, Germany



                                  Head Manager
                                     Frank Diekmann

Develoco is a registered real estate firm located in Northern Cyprus, with its main office situated in the picturesque coastal city of Famagusta, specifically on Salamis Street, overlooking the verdant and scholarly ambiance of the esteemed Cyprus universities, EMU.

Our extensive experience and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction have earned our company a distinguished reputation in the industry. We specialize in a diverse portfolio of properties across the Mediterranean region, offering everything from quaint apartments to luxurious villas, both in bustling city centers and serene coastal locales.

We strive to turn your dreams into reality by providing you with one of the finest and safest destinations for your dream home. Recognizing that investing in a foreign country is a significant decision, our company is committed to offering reliable and transparent guidance on property investment, obtaining residency permits, and pursuing educational opportunities in Cyprus.

As a team of seasoned real estate consultants catering to international clients, we deeply understand our clients’ preferences and aspirations for superior quality and attention to detail. Our dedicated representatives will guide you through every stage of the purchasing process, ensuring that you receive the utmost professionalism and dependable service.


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