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Develoco’s experienced team provides a wide array of services, including technical and engineering solutions, as well as interior services for buildings and public spaces, all emphasizing quality and attention to detail. The Develoco Maintenance team ensures that internal building services are executed to the highest standards, meeting the diverse needs of their valued customers. From technical maintenance to engineering and interior design, Develoco is dedicated to delivering excellence across all aspects of their work.Develoco offers a comprehensive range of technical, interior, and public services to cater to various needs and enhance the quality of life for its customers:

1. Technical Services

   – Repair and installation of various electronic appliances such as splits, refrigerators, cooker hoods, gas cookers, washing machines, TVs/satellites, and other electrical devices.

2. Interior Services of the Building

   – Painting walls or installing wallpaper.

   – Repairing and sealing sanitary and dishwasher systems.

   – Conducting large and partial surface or internal wiring.

   – Installing wooden or metal cabinets and designing floors (parquet, ceramic, etc.).

3. Public Services

   – Cleaning services for both interior and exterior areas of the house, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness.

   – Providing compassionate and professional medical staff for medical needs.

   – Offering sports programs led by experts in various disciplines such as martial arts, Pilates, yoga (including facial yoga), water sports, and bodybuilding.

   – Providing kindergarten and childcare services to assist working parents with childcare responsibilities.

Develoco’s commitment to providing these services reflects their dedication to enhancing the well-being and convenience of their customers. Their offerings address various aspects of daily life, ranging from household maintenance to health and recreational activities, demonstrating a holistic approach to customer care and support.


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